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Celtic heritage is an essential cornerstone of the national identity of Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany and Galicia.

The Celtic Revival of the late 20th century brought a new interest in Celtic identity to neighbouring regions such as Cumbria, Devon or Asturias, as well as to the communities of Celtic ancestry living in the Americas and Down Under.

For further information about visiting or living in the Celtic nations we recommend the following websites:

+ Tourism and Travel
Tourist information, National Tourist Boards. Transportation: airports, rail, ferries and bus.
+ National Government
National governments and parliaments, political parties.
+ Celtic Festivals
Popular folk music and pan-Celtic festivals.
+ Economy
Economy, trade, employment and statistics.
+ Celtic Diaspora
Emigrant communities and societies in Europe, America, and rest of the world.
+ Media
TV channels, radio broadcasting and daily newspapers.
+ Genealogy and Ancestry
Genealogical societies and websites to help you to trace your family roots.
+ Higher Education
Universities, colleges, business schools and higher education institutions.

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