About CelticCountries.com

CelticCountries.com is a webmagazine on the rich heritage and the contemporary societies of the Celtic nations.

Launched in May 2004 while Ireland held the presidency of the European Union, CelticCountries brings you the old traditions as well as the latest news and lifestyles of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Galicia, Cornwall, and the Isle of Man.

CelticCountries.com showcases the Celtic nations through interesting articles about culture, business, and governance. We also feature stories about cross-cultural similarities and cross-national cooperation amongst the Celtic nations.

CelticCountries.com appeals to all those who have a relationship with or a connection to a Celtic nation – be it through family, business, tourism, migration or investment. Besides our growing fan-base of Celts at home and abroad, this webmagazine is also for everyone around the world who simply love the Celtic nations.

Celtic Countries is the online magazine for people who enjoy the Celtic nations, their natural splendour, culture, and lifestyles.

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